The SCADALAB project, promoted by Z&P and its European partners under the coordination of INTECO, has been approved and funded by the European Commission.

SCADALAB (SCADA LABoratory and test bed for critical infrastructure protection) is a cyber-security project, funded by EC DG Home, which aims to increase CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) capabilities at a European level. This goal will be pursued by developing a living SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) laboratory where to carry out security tests and to experiment new technologies that could prevent, detect and mitigate the effects of cyber attacks in EU member states. 

The most dangerous cyber-attacks are those targeting the so-called SCADA systems. This kind of systems are in fact increasingly utilised across Europe to monitor and control plants and equipment in industries such as telecommunications, water, waste control, energy, oil and gas refining, and transportation. Their paralysis would rapidly and easily bring the economic system down on its knees. The vulnerability of SCADA systems has been notably demonstrated by several malicious acts that took place over the last few years.

Concrete benefits that will be derived as a result of the project include:

  • Definition of security requirements for SCADA systems and design of a specific and detailed methodology for their evaluation;
  • Development of an experimental SCADA laboratory closely resembling the most widely used SCADA installations;
  • Grant access to the testing channels to various stakeholders, thus making the use of SCADALAB test beds a remotely accessible service;
  • ISharing effectively security analysis results and user experiences;
  • Contribute, in the long term, to the establishment of a unified European environment for the protection of continental critical infrastructures.

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Project funded by the European Commission – DG Home under the CIPS programme