Our expertise


Data mining, multi-language text mining, big data analytics and their applications to the field of intelligence.

Critical infrastructure protection

Mitigation of the effects of cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure, including SCADA systems, through secure information sharing and effective technology testing.

Border control

Improvement in the performance of border guards and fight against the illicit traffic of dangerous waste and nuclear/radioactive material.

Risk assessment

Models and methodologies for assessing nature and extent of the risk posed by terrorism and other types of threats.

Transport security

Protection of rail, maritime and air transport systems against attacks carried out with nuclear, radiological and cyber weapons.

Human factor

Mitigation of cognitive biases within intelligence and law enforcement activities as well as interaction between security technologies and human operators.

Serious games

Simulation and gaming technologies for improving the training of intelligence and law-enforcement personnel.

Security research

Support in the definition of security research strategies, including the request of EU funding for their development.

Our clients