The LEILA project, promoted by Z&P and its European partners under the coordination of KEMEA, was funded by the European Commission with Grant Agreement no. 608303.

LEILA (Law Enforcement Intelligence Learning Applications) is a research project funded by EC FP7. Its aim is to implement serious gaming solutions for the training of law enforcement agencies’ intelligence analysts. 

LEILA project aims to provide law enforcement agencies with an innovative training methodology as well as a set of serious games developed to improve cognitive capabilities and reasoning skills, both at individual and group level.

The training methodology based on the framework proposed by the LEILA project focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and improvement of skills crucial for intelligence analysis: awareness of cognitive biases and related mitigation strategies, critical thinking attitude, filtering and analysing large volumes of data, drawing conclusions and take consequent appropriate decisions, efficient decision-making under social and time pressure/constraints, creative intelligence, efficient collaboration and decision-making at group level, effective reporting and communication.

To pursue these aims, the research performed during the LEILA project focused on four main aspects:

  • Determining the users’ needs;
  • Analysing and describing the skills and the set of knowledge crucial for intelligence analysis, consequently identifying both the requisites for learning and the areas in which improvement interventions can be made;
  • Designing an innovative learning methodology, made of a set of teaching experiences targeted to the specific needs of intelligence analysts;
  • Providing a set of serious games to allow analysts to acquire the skills and knowledge required for the carrying out of their activities.

The LEILA project consortium consists of SMEs highly-specialised in technology-based training. Aside them, there are public and private organisations expert in security research and training of law enforcement personnel.

Given this mix of experience and strong expertise, the LEILA project had an important impact on the state of the art methodologies for the training of law enforcement agencies’ intelligence analysts.

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Project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, grant agreement no. 608363)