The DECISMAR (development of a DECISion support toolbox for enhancing the feasibility study of the upgrade of MARitime surveillance through the integration of legacy assets with new innovative solutions) project, joined by Zanasi & Partners and coordinated by ETME, was funded by the European Commission (EC) under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) between 2020 and 2024 with Grant Agreement no. EDIDP-SME-2019-027-DECISMAR.

The objective of the DECISMAR project is to develop a decision support toolbox (DSTx), implemented as a cyber-secured and future-proofed integrated IT environment, to provide future technological scenarios. The DSTx will provide a dynamic and interactive approach for conducting feasibility studies which aim to support the upgrade of maritime surveillance under the scope of both current and future defined High-Level Operational Requirements (HLORs) of the PESCO Project “Upgrade of Maritime Surveillance”.

DECISMAR will identify mature or novel technologies that can meet new tasks and missions’, including:

  • evaluate the performance of individual technological advances and related products;
  • evaluate and/or estimate the cost, performance and risk associated with the production and deployments of various combinations of previously described systems;
  • provide decision makers with the necessary toolkit to fuse and visualise the resulting evidence and associated streams of information into a coherent output.

The DSTx will ultimately permit to support and facilitate the decision-making process.

The consortium of DECISMAR consists of 12 SME and 2 Research Institutes from 8 EU Member States, thus benefitting of diverse and complementary competences. The recognized competence in Strategic Technology Foresight entitled Z&P to be leader in the activities regarding Technology Watch, investigating the available methods used for performing future technology analysis and proposing the most appropriate ones for DECISMAR.


DECISMAR Project Partners