The CRISYS civil protection project, promoted by Z&P and its European partners under the coordination of EOS (European Organisation for Security), was funded by the European Commission under the FP7 programme with grant Agreement no.  261682.

CRISYS (Critical Response in Security and Safety Emergencies) is a security research project, funded by EC FP7, which aims to develop a demonstration action of an integrated and scalable crisis management system capable of providing comprehensive situational awareness to decision makers in order to ensure a timely, coordinated, and effective response in both known and novel disaster situations. 

The CRISYS project aimed to incorporate, into a unified crisis management system, approaches, technical solutions, procedures, and standards that exist in the civil protection field (and which can be extremely fragmented both at national and local level), to allow decision makers a fast and adequate response to crisis situations. The CRISYS platform helped the users in tasks concerning: communication, situational awareness, command and decision support, logistics and resource planning, fast deployment on harsh environments, search and rescue, medical care, restoration of basic services.

The project aimed to reach its objectives by following a structural framework made of the following actions:

  • Providing an insight into the existing and developing solutions in the fields of legacy, standards, and citizens;
  • Validating how to deploy innovative solutions by developing close relationships with local and national administrators and first responders;
  • Using the results of the validation process to feed the gap-analysis study by adopting a quality assurance approach: assessing the recommendations for high frequency events and assessing the recommendations applicability in the low frequency events, including the so-called “domino effect”;
  • Producing a roadmap document incorporating the resulting description of priorities;
  • Disseminating CRISYS results to all relevant stakeholders.

The project participants include public authorities, research institutions, large industrial companies, SMEs, and NGOs. Two advisory boards, composed of representatives from end-users and suppliers, support the project consortium with their experience.

The CRISYS project represents the first phase of a two-stage demonstration programme. During the second phase, the roadmap document produced by the project were followed to demonstrate the feasibility of developing an integrated, scalable, interoperable, and operational crisis management system composed of common and specific services distributed through a resilient network infrastructure.

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Project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, grant agreement no. 261682)