The cyber-security CLOUDCERT project, promoted by Z&P and its European partners under the coordination of INTECO, was funded by the European Commission.

CLOUDCERT (Testbed Framework to Exercise Critical Infrastructure Protection) was a cyber-security project, funded by the DG Home CIPS programme, which aimed at developing a common testbed framework for information sharing dedicated to the European stakeholders operating CIs (Critical Infrastructures). This information sharing framework helped to rapidly and efficiently circulate information related to threats, vulnerabilities, alerts and advises specific to the CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) domain. 

CIs (such as electrical grids, transportation and telecommunication networks, etc.), being the means by which essential services are delivered, guarantee the correct functioning of the economic system and, ultimately, the wellbeing of European Union citizens. CIP poses a unique and challenging problem to law-makers. Differently than other industrial sectors, most critical infrastructures are entirely owned and managed by private operators. Despite the criticality of these infrastructures, market alone often does not offer enough incentives for investing in security, leaving CIs vulnerable to deliberate acts of terrorism, natural disasters, accidents, computer crimes, and more general malicious activities.

The main objectives of CLOUDCERT project were:

  • Develop a common, unified and secure testbed framework for information sharing accessible to every European stakeholder;
  • Provide the stakeholders with all the security information needed for eliminating potential vulnerabilities from the CIs they are responsible for;
  • Manage security as a whole using an unified framework for security information exchange. More high quality information readily available makes possible to assess the risk level associated to any CI, and consequently implement actions to reduce the risk to a defined and acceptable level;
  • Improve the effectiveness of European preventing, responding and deterring measures towards cyber attacks against critical infrastructures.

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Project funded by the European Commission – DG Home under the CIPS programme