ACTING (Advanced European platform and network of Cybersecurity training and exercises centres) is a cyber defence project, promoted by Zanasi & Partners and under the coordination of the Bulgarian Defense Institute. The project, funded by the European Commission under the European Defence Fund 2021 programme with Grant Agreement no. 101103208, started in late 2022 and will last until late 2026.

The ACTING project (Advanced European platform and network of Cybersecurity training and exercises centres)  delivers an organized and coordinated approach to strengthen the EU cyber defence through an effective and efficient multi-domain collaboration. In this challenging environment, the ACTING Consortium (made of 28 entities coming from 13 different EU MSs) proposes an innovative 48-months-long project which is going to provide solutions to improve the efficiency of cyber defence training and exercises.

ACTING is an interdisciplinary research, innovation, and development effort that will result in a comprehensive solution for enhanced cyber defence training and exercises covering more than one military domain and interconnecting critical infrastructure sectors. The results of these efforts will materialise in the development of the ACTING Platform, combining five tools in an interoperable, scalable, and easy deployable environment. All tools will be available for all the MSs supporting this project as separate, stand-alone elements or as a joint ACTING Platform.

The ACTING project includes study, design, prototyping, and testing activities in the domain of cyber defence, mainly covering:

  • Simulated user methods and technologies, by the means of software agents that are software applications able to simulate a certain user’s behaviour;
  • Automated performance analysis, including tools that collect data about the cyber trainees and return measurements and performance analysis (both visual and numerical) as well as identify directions for training improvement for selected users;
  • Scenario Development Language, capable of translating scenarios (developed either by the ACTING Consortium or external partners) that need to be understandable for both federated cyber ranges and human beings;
  • Multi-domain simulations with the objective of extending and improving existing federated cyber ranges (e.g. the one established under the H2020 ECHO project) and developing common standards, interfaces and APIs for information exchange;
  • Situational awareness and scoring tools, covering perception, cognition and projection activities under the umbrella of common information exchange protocols and standards belonging to federated environments and addressing cognitive aspects as well.


Amongst the ACTING project partners