NOTIONES proposal has been accepted!


Zanasi & Partners has been awarded NOTIONES (iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and security practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS) proposal, coordinated administratively by Tecnalia and techno-scientifically by Z&P, funded under the H2020 framework programme. This is the third project techno-scientifically coordinated by Zanasi & Partners, after PYTHIA and SOLOMON (PADR-funded) and the fourth in the field of security and defence (with DECISMAR, EDIDP-funded).

NOTIONES finds its roots in this landscape. Emerging technologies are gaining increasing attention in the defence and security domains, looking at the innovation they could bring to equipment and defence forces. NOTIONES transfers this concept into the intelligence domain (not only LEA-related).

The overall objective of NOTIONES is to build a network of practitioners from security and intelligence services of EU Member States and Associated Countries, aiming at identifying which emerging technologies will be more relevant to address the future needs and priorities of EU security and public services.

The project, starting in 2021 and terminating in 2026, can leverage on a multitude of expertise and competences: the 30 partners include academia, think-tanks, research centres, technology providers and practitioners from military, civil, financial, judiciary, local, national and international security and intelligence services. Geographically, the consortium covers 4 main areas: West Europe, North Europe, Mittle Europe and Middle East.

More specifically, the consortium consists of:

  • Tecnalia (Spain);
  • Zanasi & Partners (Italy);
  • LAUREA University (Finland);
  • Bulgarian Defence Institute (Bulgaria);
  • Defence Research Institute (France);
  • Fondazione ICSA (Italy);
  • Bar Ilan University Europe Institute (Israel);
  • Agency for the Promotion of European Research (Italy);
  • ORT (France);
  • VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland);
  • Expert System (Italy);
  • Saher Europe (Estonia);
  • Marketscape (Denmark);
  • Tecoms (Italy);
  • Synyo (Austria);
  • Regional Police Headquarters in Radom (Poland);
  • State Agency for National Security (Bulgaria);
  • Carabinieri Lt. General Leso (Italy);
  • Financial Intelligence Unit (Latvia);
  • Border Police (Bosnia Herzegovina);
  • International Security and Emergency Management Institute (Slovakia);
  • Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs (Ukraine);
  • Ministry of Interior (Georgia);
  • Police Service (Northern Ireland);
  • Police Authority (Sweden);
  • Policia Judiciaria (Portugal);
  • National Police – Intelligence Division (Israel);
  • Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” (North Macedonia);
  • Police University of Bavaria (Germany);
  • Jandarma (Turkey).

NOTIONES aims at contrasting the persistent terrorist threat too, by addressing its multiple facets (e.g. the birth of a radical ideology, the propaganda, the financing, etc.). Each of these aspects may be identified and prevented by the activities carried out by security and intelligence services that realise anti-terrorism intelligence-enabled critical awareness by means of intelligence collection, surveillance and cooperative efforts among all the involved organisations.

NOTIONES will monitor the results of academic research and industrial innovation and suggest actions to be followed by academia and industry to address these results towards a useful implementation. NOTIONES will, thus, promote the interaction of technology providers and academy with intelligence and security practitioners, to detect new relevant technologies and evaluate how they could serve their needs. NOTIONES will periodically publish a report, summarising these findings with the purpose of orientating future research project programming and indicating priorities with regards to the industrialisation of the results.